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Biomechanics Laboratory


In September 2004, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno started a new degree course in Biomechanics (undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering), under the scientific guidance of Maurizio Angelillo and the contribution of teachers from the area of Mechanical Engineering.

It consists of an introductory course in biomechanics and of a course dedicated to the mechanics of the head, under the guidance of Francesco Velardi.

The first course deals with the basic Biomechanics of vertebrates and describes the mechanics of biological tissues.

The second course deals with the mechanics of diseases involving the head, such as hydrocephalus or trauma from impact.

In order to support the research and teaching of the Biomechanics Group, the University of Salerno has promoted the creation of a laboratory, about 100 m2, located in the new building of the laboratory facilities of the Department of Civil Engineering on the Campus of the University of Salerno.


The laboratory is divided into four distinct areas:

  1. a room dedicated to the surgical treatment of tissues
  2. a classroom equipped with a video connection to an operating theatre
  3. a room equipped with a cluster of computers for parallel computation
  4. a test room, where there is a universal monoaxial testing machine, equipped with a high resolution load cell as well as a machine for impact tests.