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Department of Civil Engineering


Leonardo CASCINI

Professore Ordinario
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile/DICIV
+39 089 96 4330


The Director represents the Department of Civil Engineering, he oversees and promotes all its activities.
The Director carries out the following :

  1. convenes and chairs the Board and the Committee and oversees the implementation of its decisions;
  2. proposes to the Board, the annual plan of the activities of the Department;
  3. proposes to the Board, the Annual Research Report;
  4. proposes to the Board, the plan for the use of the financial resources;
  5. oversees the services to support the research and teaching administered by the Department;
  6. signs contracts, purchase orders and agreements;
  7. for reasons of urgency assumes under decree the acts of competence of the Board that are submitted for ratification in the following meeting.

The Director is chosen from among the full-time full professors, in the event of the unavailability of the full professors or failure to achieve a quorum within two voting sessions, it is then extended to the full-time associate professors.

All members of the Board of the Department vote to elect the Director.

The Director is appointed for three years from the date of appointment and can only be re-elected once.

The Director appoints one of the full professors who will substitute him in cases of absence or impediment.