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Department of Civil Engineering


The DICIV offers numerous and important services to the Territory.

The following are a summary of the key initiatives, with a detailed list being provided in the sections reserved for individual research Groups and Laboratories:

  • Scientific consultancy as part of agreements with public agencies, consortiums, companies and research centres;
  • Postgraduate training as part of agreements with the Professional Associations and Centres of Excellence;
  • Third party activities for both public and private companies including the carrying out of tests, surveys and exams at the university laboratories, and through the implementation of specific "in situ" tests;
  • Organization of technical and scientific seminars/workshops on current themes aimed at professionals, technicians as well as administrators of local government agencies;
  • Pre-normative and regulatory activities on behalf of the relative government agencies.

The main objectives are to promote, disseminate and use the results of scientific research in the field of Civil Engineering, to create systematic relationships with the local economic and production contexts, as well as increase the presence of the DICIV in the surrounding area through training and technology transfer.