The Department of Civil Engineering (DICIV) has been active as a research structure in the University of Salerno since 1995, where it replaced the former Institute of Civil Engineering (established in 1983). On January 1, 2011, it started to deal with the both educational and research activities in the area of Civil and Environmental Engineering, following the university reform in accordance to Law 240/2010.

The DICIV promotes and coordinates research activities in the following areas:

  • Building Technology;
  • Architectural Design and History of Architecture;
  • Hydraulic Engineering;
  • Architectural Representation;
  • Geology;
  • Hydraulics;
  • Topography;
  • Transportation.

In particular, the DICIV coordinates and carries out research programs as well as consultancy work with private as well as public Italian and International organizations. It deals with the aforementioned sectors as well as any others that may be compatible with the annual research program.

It also plans and supervises the organization and execution of the following teaching activities:

  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering;
  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering for the Environment and Territory;
  • Master degree in Civil Engineering II cycle;
  • Master degree in Environment and territory Engineering;
  • Five years Master degree (under the European Directive 85/384/CEE) with national available access to Architectural Engineering.

The DICIV organizes scientific seminars and conferences, often in collaboration with national and international organizations, and also promotes the training of students and researchers operating within the associated scientific and cultural areas.

In this framework, it organizes the following PhD programmes:

The Research Laboratories, in addition to the usual activities of research in the above mentioned areas of Civil Engineering, support the educational activities related to the degree courses and carry out certified testing for external organizations, both private and public.

The laboratories of the Department of Civil Engineering are:

  • Lecture room;
  • Library with over 3000 scientific and didactic books;

  • Home